My team

At Diana Villegas Specialized Dentistry we have a team of professionals and specialists who are passionate about building #SmilesFromTheSoul for your life.

María Isabel Muñoz

Professional in dentistry from the Santiago de Cali University, with 14 years of experience in the area of ​​dental aesthetics.

I characterize myself for having excellent interpersonal relationships, human quality and qualities for teamwork. I am passionate about everything related to aesthetic dentistry, I am excited to achieve my goals and projects, to return smiles from the soul to my patients. I am inspired by enterprising, organized, honest and responsible people. In the same way, I love sharing pleasant and fun moments with my family and friends.

Jessica Villegas

Dentist Universidad Santiago de Cali, Specialist in Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics UNICOC. I have accompanied Dr. Diana Villegas for several years, being my reference, leader and based on this, I have learned excellence, perseverance and passion.

I like to provide humane, respectful and excellent quality care. I love to rope, in my free time I like to skate, read and always feed myself spiritually and intellectually.

Carolina Londoño

I am Carolina, a woman who loves her family, married, with two little girls that I love and to whom I try to give quality time. I owe them the teaching me every day to be a better person and therefore a better mom. I am a woman who loves her profession, and who knew from a very young age that she would be a dentist, because in this way she could help everyone. This has allowed me to serve others, a key factor in my personality, and as an added value I have generated that these people trust my work and make me a reference in my specialty.

I am a Dentist and Orthodontist from the Colombian dental school, with more than 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Which has allowed me to have a wide consultation where I have been concerned about caring for my patients in an integral way as I would like to be cared for. Creating a specialist patient bond where we demolish the dreaded phrase “fear of the dentist”. Instead, this makes my consultations a relaxed and calm environment, where patients feel part of a family. Listening to their needs, expectations and with this , and my knowledge, to achieve the results expected by my patients.

Vinicio David Pérez

I am a General Dentist from the Autonomous Regional University of the Andes Uniandes – Ecuador. Graduated in 2018, I worked for a year in the private sector and later traveled abroad to fill myself with knowledge that allows me to be at the forefront. That is why I traveled to Colombia, where I did my specialty in Oral Rehabilitation at the Colombian Dental College.

I am passionate about my work and every day that dawns is a new joy for being able to get up to do it. I have competed in mountain races – Trail -, asphalt, swimming professionally at an elite level. My hobbies are watching series, reading history books and above all cooking, I like it a lot. What I always aspired to in life is to work with the best predisposition, being ethical in my work, especially humility before any event.

Camilo Puerta

I am a Dentist and Periodontist from the Universidad del Valle, with 5 years of experience in the field of periodontics and implants.

I stand out for being an upright professional, whose priority is always to offer my patients what they need, to satisfy their needs and expectations, always giving my best to achieve the goal. I am passionate about soccer and I declare myself a super fan of Club Atlético River Plate of Argentina.

Jenny Marquines

Dental assistant at the CIPET Polytechnic of Health since 2014. I work in my profession trying to meet the needs of professionals, providing good care in the consultation and treating our patients with the best human quality.

I am passionate about talking and transmitting my joy to the people around me. I am excited to project myself and fulfill my purposes. In my spare time I like to visit places and share with the family.


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