I am diana villegas

Dentist from the Colombian Dental College with more than 15 years of experience, conducting comprehensive consultations and seeking to improve the lives of my patients. That is why in my clinic we provide personalized attention, of excellent quality, and with enough time to understand your expectations and needs. Together with my work team and allied specialists, we will offer you all areas of dentistry in a sensitive and human way.


We clinically evaluate the patient comprehensively. Not only focusing on the teeth, but analyzing their posture, gait, head and hip position. In order to diagnose joint and occlusion problems, allowing to carry out a successful treatment.


“Smiles of the Soul”. This is our work philosophy and as such it encompasses an artistic practice in the development of the aesthetic and smile design treatments required by the patient. We seek to apply art to highlight the beauty of a harmonious and healthy smile, improving its shape, size, position and color in a natural way.

My team

Our professionals and oral health specialists are ready and with the best attitude to start your procedures!

You are our greatest motivation! We are waiting for you with open arms, to build your #Smilesfromthesoul.

– Dr. Diana Villegas


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